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Healthcare (Canada-U.S. Relations)

North American Drug Dialogue

  • In February 2022, Canadian, American and Mexican representatives met virtually for the fifth North American Drug Dialogue (NADD).
  • At the meeting, the representatives discussed progress made since the last NADD in December 2019, and discussed commitments towards finalizing a framework to approach drug-related problems, improving cooperation and information sharing between countries, continuing the  information exchange of best practices in relation to drug-related

Canada-US Joint Action Plan on Opiods

  • This publication highlights the Government of Canada and the Government of the United States' commitment to sustaining cooperation to address the opioid overdose crisis through the Canada-US Joint Plan on Opioids.
  • The steering committee of the Joint Action Plan, which involves federal officials of both governments, met in May 2021 to discuss their commitments to further enhancing their cooperation.

G7 Carbis Bay Health Declaration

  • The G7 Carbis Bay Health Declaration is a commitment made by the members of the G7 (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, the US, and the EU) to strengthen prevention, detection, response, and recovery from future pandemics through a multilateral and comprehensive global health system.
  • This declaration has the World Health Organization at its core and was established at the G7 summit in Cornwall, UK 2021 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the real poss

Global Health Security Agenda Ministerial

  • The Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) is a group of 70+ countries (including Canada and the US), international organizations, non-government organizations, and private sector companies that come together to create a world that is more equipped to handle infectious diseases that pose a threat to global health.
  • The GHSA is governed by a Steering Group comprised of permanent and rotating members and is funded by the United States.

North American Dialogue on Drug Policy

  • In October 2016, government officials of Canada, Mexico, and the United States gathered for the inaugural meeting of the North American Dialogue on Drug Policy (also known as the North American Drug Dialogue (NADD)) where the three countries would convene annually to exchange information on drug trends, discuss trilateral coordination on drug policy and develop ideas/policy actions for governments to take to prevent drug trafficking, and limit the use of harmful drugs.