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Confederation Of Tomorrow: Spotlight On Alberta


The Confederation of Tomorrow Survey of Canadians has released a report on opinions of Albertans with regard to how their province is treated within the Canadian federation. The report found that the level of discontent with the federation among Albertans remains high, though it has been on the decline. The Brian Mulroney Institute of Government is a proud partner in the study along with the Centre of Excellence on the Canadian Federation, the Canada-West Foundation, the First Nations Financial Management Board, and the Centre D’Analyse Politique – Constitution et Fédéralisme. The survey was conducted by the Environics Institute for Survey Research.

Conducted in January and February 2023, the survey asked Albertans about their views of federalism and on the province’s treatment by Ottawa. Since 2019, the Confederation of Tomorrow Surveys have documented relatively high levels of dissatisfaction in Alberta on Canadian federalism and relations between the province and the federal government. The 2023 report is an update of the survey done four years ago with a closer look at the political dynamics at play in the province that have impacted recent trends and opinions.


More information on the survey can be found here.