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Dr. Bailey Gerrits
Dr. Bailey Gerrits
Mila Mulroney Chair in Women, Policy, and Governance Leadership

St. Francis Xavier University and the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government are pleased to welcome Dr. Bailey Gerrits as the first Mila Mulroney Research Chair in Women, Policy, and Governance Leadership.

The Mila Mulroney Chair’s research program focuses on advancing knowledge and understanding of issues affecting the roles of women in addressing a broad range of policy and governance priorities.

Dr. Gerrits has established herself as an expert in gender-based violence and the effect policy could have on leading to its eradication. Her work examines the stories told about gender-based violence and considers how they contribute to ending or facilitating the violence. Her current projects include explaining domestic violence news patterns in Canada, documenting how Canadian police frame gender-based violence on social media, and comparing gendered and racialized social media attacks against women in leadership positions during COVID-19 in Canada and the US. Dr. Gerrits has published in several peer-reviewed journals, including Feminist Media Studies and the International Journal of Communication. She has volunteered and served on the board of organizations which support survivors of gender-based violence. Dr. Gerrits experience working with survivors motivated her to focus her research on domestic violence, and she is passionate about ending gender-based violence.

Dr. Gerrits was awarded her PhD from Queen’s University after having earned both her Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Alberta.

Dr. Gerrits' feminist scholarship and expertise are a great asset as the Institute continues to grow. 



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With Rebecca Rappeport (2017)Kingston Youth Sexual Violence Prevention Assessment. Commissioned by Kingston Frontenac Anti-Violence Coordinating Committee.  

With Roxanne Runyon (2015)We Believe in a Campus Free of Sexual Violence: Lessons Ffrom Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Leaders. Commissioned by Ontario Public Interest Research Group Kingston.  

Media Areas: Gender-Based Violence in Politics; Gender-Based Violence Policy; Canadian News Coverage of Sexual and Domestic Violence; Canadian Police Communication and Response to Gender-Based Violence