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Dr. Rebecca Wallace
Dr. Rebecca Wallace
Mila Mulroney Chair In Women, Policy, And Governance Leadership

Rebecca Wallace is a Mila Mulroney Research Chair in Women, Policy, and Governance Leadership in the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government, and an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Political Science and Public Policy and Governance at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada. She received her PhD from Queen’s University for her research on the news framing of and attitudes toward social assistance recipients in Canada. Her primary research interests include Canadian social policy, political behaviour, and political communication, with a focus on women, gender, and diversity. Prior to starting at St. FX, Rebecca was the John A. Sproul Research Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, and held postdoctoral research fellowships at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. She was previously a doctoral fellow at the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations and held a Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Fellowship from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council from 2016-2019. Her work has been published in the Canadian Journal of Political Science; Political Studies; Politics and Gender; Politics, Groups, and Identities; the Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy; and more. 

Dr. Wallace is currently the Primary Investigator on a project exploring women’s exits from political officeholding, entitled “A Leaky Pipeline? Examining Women’s Retention in and Exits from Political Officeholding in Canada.” The project, co-investigated with Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant, is funded by a SSHRC Insight Development Grant.



Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Rebecca Wallace. 2018. “Contextualizing the Crisis: The Framing of Syrian Refugees in Canadian Print Media.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 51(2): 207-231.


Edited Volumes

Marin Beck, Bailey Gerrits, Alexandra Liebich, and Rebecca Wallace (Eds.). 2017. Perspectives on the Politics of Borders and Belonging at Home and Abroad. Centre for International and Defence Policy, Queen’s University. Martello Paper Series.



Rebecca Wallace, Michael McGregor, and Erin Tolley. 2023. “Why Don’t Immigrants Vote in Local Elections?” Political Engagement in Canadian City Elections, edited by Michael McGregor and Laura Stephenson.

Rebecca Wallace. 2020. “Support, Subsidies, and Silenced Storylines: The Framing of Mothers on Welfare in Canadian Print News, 1990-2015.” Thriving Mothers/Depriving Mothers: Mothering and Welfare, edited by Karine Levasseur, Stephanie Paterson, and Lorna Turnbull. Demeter Press.

Keith Banting, Will Kymlicka, Allison Harell, and Rebecca Wallace. 2020. “Shared Membership Beyond 2020National Identity: Inclusive Solidarity in Diverse Societies.” Liberal Nationalism and Its Critics: Normative and Empirical Questions, edited by Gina Gustavsson and David MillerOxford: Oxford University Press.

Media Areas: Canadian Politics; Social Policy; Women, Gender, and Politics