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Through the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government, StFX undergraduate students involved in the PGOV program, as well as other programs that include public policy or governance elements, will be able to gain practical research experience through dedicated internship awards, by serving as research assistants for faculty members, and through the honours with subsidiary stream of the PGOV program.




Undergraduate student experiential work opportunities, as well as Service Learning and Co-Op work placement will be offered in partnership with various government and non profit organizations. An international student exchange opportunity is also being developed for students to undertake a portion of their studies abroad while gaining relevant work experience with post-secondary institutions and other bodies in other countries.




  • The opportunities through the Mulroney Institute have been fantastic. My professors’ expertise are great resources for refining writing and analytical skills, and I’m sure the work carried out will benefit my future studies and career.

    - Elia Molinari '18

  • My work with Mulroney Institute publications gave me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge outside of the traditional classroom setting, and it’s great to see an undergraduate program teaching real-world skills and introducing students to influential policy leaders.

    - Chris Yurris '21

  • My work at the BMIG saw my professor include me in all kinds of research, including a research trip to the US Naval archives in Washington, DC. I am so grateful for the interesting job experience and unforgettable opportunity to travel. The experience I gained not only benefitted me professionally, but also enhanced my academic success.

    Samantha Cussen '18