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Dr. Jamie Levin

Jamie Levin is Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at StFX. He earned his PhD in Political Science at the University of Toronto and an MsC from the London School of Economics. His work focuses on the role of weapons in the resolution of civil wars. Dr. Levin’s research demonstrates how weapons can be a stabilizing force in the resolution of conflict. Previously, Dr. Levin was a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington and the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with funding from The Azrieli Foundation. Prior to undertaking PhD studies, Dr. Levin worked as a director of a not-for-profit organization engaged in peace-process advocacy in New York City. His work has appeared in both the academic press and popular media, including International Peacekeeping, the Journal of Peace Conflict and DevelopmentInternational PoliticsInternational Studies Review, the Palestine Israel JournalHarper’s Magazine, the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, the WalrusPolicy OptionsHaaretz, the Jerusalem Post, the Toronto Star, and the National Post.



Peer-Reviewed Publications

Levin, Jamie, Joseph MacKay Abouzar Nasirzadeh, and Anthony Sealey.  A Test of the Democratic Peacekeeping Hypothesis: Coups, Democracy, and Foreign Military Deployments.  Journal of Peace Research.  [Forthcoming].

Levin, Jamie and Joseph MacKay.  Domestic Entanglements: Family, State, Hierarchy, and the Hobbesian State of Nature.  Review of International Studies. 45.2 (2019): 221-238.

Levin, Jamie.  Credible Commitments and the Right to Bear Arms: The Second Amendment From A Game Theoretic Perspective. Journal of American Studies.  53.4 (2018): 1024-1045.

Levin, Jamie.  The European Origins of the Israeli-Palestinian Customs Union: A Genealogical Approach. Economics of Peace and Security Journal. 13.1 (2018): 21-31.

Levin, Jamie.  Exploring Palestinian Weapons Proliferation During the Oslo Peace Process.  The Middle East Journal. 72.1 (Winter 2018): 48-65.

MacKay, Joseph and Jamie Levin.  A Hegelian Realist Constructivist Account of War, Identity, and State Formation.  Journal of International Relations and Development. 21.1 (2018): 75-100.

Levin, Jamie and Dan Miodownik.  The Imperative to Explore the Impact of Disarmament on Peacemaking Efforts and Conflict Recurrence.  Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy.  22.4 (2016): 347-356.

Levin, Jamie, Joseph MacKay and Abouzar Nasirzadeh. Selectorate Theory and the Democratic Peacekeeping Hypothesis: Evidence from Fiji and Bangladesh.  International Peacekeeping.  23.1 (2016): 107-132.

MacKay, Joseph and Jamie Levin.  Hanging Out in International Politics: Two Kinds of Explanatory Political Ethnography for IR.  International Studies Review. 17.2 (2015): 163-188.

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Levin, Jamie.  Accord to Discord: A Political Economy Approach to the Oslo Process.  Palestine Israel Journal.  14.3 (2007): 62-68.


Levin, Jamie ed.  No Fixed Address: Nomads in International Relations. Palgrave Macmillan, 2020.

Book Chapters

Levin Jamie and Joseph MacKay. Introduction.  In Jamie Levin, ed.  No Fixed Address: Nomads in International Relations. Palgrave Macmillan, 2020.

Levin Jamie, Gustavo de Carvalho, Kristin Cavoukian and Ross Cuthbert. Before and After Borders: The Nomadic Challenge to Sovereign Territoriality. In Jamie Levin, ed.  No Fixed Address: Nomads in International Relations. Palgrave Macmillan, 2020.

MacKay, Joseph and Jamie Levin.  Immersive Politics and the Ethnographic Encounter: Anthropology and Political Science. In Coleman Simon, Susan Hyatt, and Ann Kingsolver, eds. Routledge Companion to Contemporary Anthropology. Taylor & Francis, 2016.

Other Publications

Levin, Jamie and Mieczysław Boduszyński. Will an Israeli Energy Boom Make the EU More Pro-Israel? Foreign Policy. (August 6, 2019).

Levin, Jamie. Emboldened Netanyahu free to pursue annexation. Policy Options. (May 2019).

Smith, Craig Damian and Jamie Levin. It’s anarchy in the streets of Toronto for Cyclists. Now Magazine. (July 5, 2018).

Treleaven, Sarah and Jamie Levin. Home Wrecker. The Walrus. (July/August 2017).

Treleaven, Sarah and Jamie Levin. Why isn’t there more ‘Jewish food’ in Israel? BBC. (June 14, 2017)

Treleaven, Sarah and Jamie Levin. The Surprising Thing Bibi Whispers in Trump’s Ear. The Forward. (February 27, 2017).

Levin, Jamie and Sara Treleaven. House Hunters Transnational. Harpers Magazine. (February 2017).

Levin, Jamie. For Colombia’s peace process, disarmament was a sticking point. Here’s why. The Washington Post Monkey Cage. (June 28, 2017).

Levin, Jamie. רוצים שלום עם המורדים? אז בלי שלום לנשק. Ynet. (December 9, 2015).

Levin, Jamie. Is Israel Fighting a 'Just War' in Gaza — and What About Hamas? The Forward. (July 30, 2014).

Levin, Jamie. New Tactics, new Risks: Abbas’s Threat to Dissolve the Palestinian Authority. The Jerusalem Post. (May 22, 2014).

Levin, Jamie and Sara Treleaven. Helter Selzer. Harpers Magazine. (September 2013).

Levin, Jamie. Sammy Yatim shooting puts police accountability front and centre. Toronto Star. (July 30, 2013).

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Levin, Jamie and Craig Damian Smith. Could E1 be the trigger that sparks a new round of violence? +972. (December 15, 2012).

Levin, Jamie and Sarah Treleaven. Bubbling Up Across Holy Land. The Forward. (September 5, 2012).

Dumouchel, Joelle and Jamie Levin. Quebec: Still a distinct society but not in the way you think. The Star. (August 9, 2012).

Treleaven, Sarah and Jamie Levin. Hummus Ville. The National Post. (April 7, 2012).

Levin, Jamie. Israel's economy will pay heavy price for Iron Dome. Haaretz. (March 23, 2012).

Treleaven, Sarah and Jamie Levin. Good Books. The Walrus. (October 2012).

Levin, Jamie. Finally, workers of the world unite. Haaretz. (October 21, 2011).