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The Public Policy and Governance (PGOV) program is the Institute’s flagship, interdisciplinary teaching program, designed to prepare students for a broad array of policy focused careers.

What are we?

The Public Policy and Governance Program (PGOV), housed in the Faculty of Arts at StFX, has been provided with generous financial support by the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government through dozens of student scholarships and bursaries. With a focus on leadership, this interdisciplinary program prepares students for careers in both the public and private sector.


Why Study Public Policy and Governance at StFX

The PGOV program was established in 2017 at StFX, an institution with a long and distinguished history of engagement in public affairs. It is at StFX where leaders are born, and where the importance of engaging in the well-being of our communities is nurtured. Our university is a dynamic scholarly environment where professors believe that research and teaching flourish together. It is a place where you will feel comfortable debating current issues and solving problems in the classroom and beyond, all while broadening your understanding of the world. Here you will have close contact with your professors and fellow students in a positive, accessible setting designed for learning.

As a Public Policy and Governance student, you will study in Mulroney Hall, a state-of-the-art teaching and research complex located in the heart of the StFX campus. Inaugurated in 2019, Mulroney Hall features the latest and most innovative technologies. This spacious and inviting building is the perfect venue to learn and achieve new heights!


Opportunities within the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government

The Brian Mulroney Institute of Government is Canada’s only institute dedicated to the study of public policy and governance at the undergraduate level. Named in honour of the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, Canada’s 18th prime minister and a member of StFX’s graduating class of 1959, the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government brings together many of Canada’s top scholars and thinkers who occupy research chairs in Canada-US relations, Arctic Policy, and Marine Security.

As a Public Policy and Governance student, you will engage in experiential learning opportunities that offer hands-on learning well beyond the confines of the classroom. You will not simply discuss policy issues, but actually interact with key stakeholders who are, or have been, entrusted with enormous responsibilities in public office. In some cases, you will have the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice.


Rewarding Careers in Public Policy and Governance

Graduates from the Public Policy and Governance Program will be well-suited and equipped to pursue careers in government at the municipal, provincial, federal, and international level. Indeed, this program will help many students to prepare to work in the non-governmental sector as well. Many of our students will pursue graduate work or attend professional programs in law, journalism, and education.


Flexible Degree Choices

At StFX, you can pursue a major, joint major, and honours with a subsidiary degree in Public Policy and Governance. The degree can be combined with a wide variety of arts disciplines or business administration. For example, a certificate of French language proficiency makes for a powerful combination.

In year one, Public Policy and Governance 101 explores key concepts, theories, and methods. It introduces students to significant concepts that frame our understanding about what constitutes sound policy and governance, and provides a foundational knowledge of governing institutions, the policy process, and the challenges of leadership. This foundational course also paves the way for a better and more nuanced understanding of how to think critically about policy analysis. Students in this program will also be encouraged to take Economics 101 and 102, and Political Science 101 or 102 to further augment their expertise in public policy and goverance.



Student Opportunities