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A Report From The Confederation Of Tomorrow 2021 Survey Of Canadians: Canada And The Covid-19 Pandemic


The Confederation of Tomorrow Survey of Canadians has released two reports on the COVID-19 pandemic: All in This Together? Canadians’ Views on Masks, Vaccines and Lockdowns During the COVID-19 Pandemic and The Role of Governments and the Division of Powers: Federalism in the Context of a Pandemic. Both reports detail the results of national surveys that explore Canadians’ thoughts on multiple issues pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Brian Mulroney Institute of Government is a proud partner in the study along with the Institute for Research on Public Policy, the Canada-West Foundation, the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, and the Centre D’Analyse Politique – Constitution et Fédéralisme. The survey was conducted by the Environics Institute for Survey Research.

The Confederation of Tomorrow surveyed Canadians regarding public health measures and the role of government during the pandemic. The studies were completed between January and March 2021. The surveys cover multiple topics, including wearing masks in public, the intention to be vaccinated, the impact of government, and trust in federal and provincial/territorial governments.



Confed of Tomorrow All in This COVID 2021

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Confed of Tomorrow Role of Govt COVID 2021

Role of Govt FR