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Address Recognizes 30th Anniversary of the Open Skies Conference


Former Canadian ambassador John J. Noble delivered an address to the Canadian War Museum’s Friends Forum in Ottawa detailing Canada’s role in German reunification. The speech recognized the 30th anniversary of the Open Skies Conference, which took place in Ottawa in February 1990, and the conference’s–as well as Canada’s–importance to German unification. Mr. Noble headed the Canadian delegation as the director general of External Affairs’ International Security and Arms Control Bureau. The conference brought together NATO and Warsaw Pact foreign ministers to discuss a wide-ranging open-skies agreement, a concept that Prime Minister Brian Mulroney had been championing with newly elected President George H. W. Bush. It was the first time that NATO and Warsaw Pact officials met outside of Europe.

Mr. Noble’s speech is available through Policy Magazine’s Verbatim.

Post photo credit: Global News.