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COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Support to Provinces and Territories

  • This resource highlights the federal government’s COVID-19 response, particularly regarding their work with the provinces and territories.
  • This page outlines how the Canadian government has supported the Provinces and Territories through the Health Human Resources Assistance Program, human resource recruitment, increasing surge capacity, outbreak management, testing capabilities, laboratory services, and virus containment and prevention.

Federally Regulated Workplaces during COVID-19

  • With COVID-19's impact on the daily activities of employees and employers within federally regulated workplaces, this document identifies how employers must adjust to the challenges posed by the pandemic while also protecting employee rights.
  • This document outlines their roles and responsibilities, employee rights, how to support mental health, COVID-19 measures, temporary measures under the Canada Labour Code

Social Media for Promoting COVID-19 Resources

  • This page contains the most updated collection of social media and awareness resources provided by Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • These promotional resources are meant to inform Canadians on the latest information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, equip Canadians with the tools to ensure personal and community safety during the pandemic, and instill confidence into the public regarding things like vacc


  • This page discusses the official Government of Canada platform called ArriveCAN, which was developed for travellers entering Canada during COVID-19.
  • ArriveCAN is a mobile app that gives travellers a space to provide the government with the relevant information regarding travel, contact and quarantine prior to entering the country and helps to keep Canadians safe.
  • This page disc

COVID-19 Alert App

  • The COVID-19 Alert app is one of many efforts of the federal government to combat COVID-19 and this page outlines all of the details of how the app works, its usage around the country, and how it addresses COVID-19.

Operation LASER

  • The Canadian Armed Forces' (CAF) operation LASER is their response to a global pandemic with the objective to protect lives, aid the provincial, territorial, and federal stakeholders, and keep CAF ready, effective and resilient to the ongoing situation.
  • This page outlines how the CAF have utilized their resources, how they have assisted the provinces/territories and various First Nations communities, and the four phases of operation LASER.