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Top Of Mind: Answering The Call, Adapting To Change.


The Brian Mulroney Institute of Government and Institute on Governance (IOG) have partnered on Top of Mind, a two-part study designed to provide rare access into the thoughts and views of senior executive public service leaders. As chief administrative officers, deputy ministers, and those in other capacities, public officials find themselves on the front line responding to an ever-changing operational environment that is becoming enormously complex, divisive, and increasingly difficult to navigate.

Top of Mind examines the impact of negative forces that are sowing the seeds of social polarization and eroding trust in democratically elected governments from the perspective of public officials responsible for managing organizations at the municipal, provincial, territorial, and federal levels. These forces have been accelerated (and magnified) in Canada by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Mulroney Institute and the IOG believe that Top of Mind provides a unique and valuable contribution to Canada’s ongoing debate on good governance, public trust in institutions, and the future of the nation’s democracy.

For more information on Top of Mind, please visit the IOG.