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The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney in Policy Magazine and the Montreal Gazette


Paul Deegan, deputy executive director of the National Economic Council during the Clinton administration, discusses how Prime Minister Mulroney’s experience on the domestic and international stage makes him an elder statesman suited to these unprecedented times. In recent pieces for Policy Magazine and the Montreal Gazette, Deegan considers the Prime Minister’s recent “Agenda for Canadian Greatness,” an outline for life in post-pandemic Canada that keeps the nation focused on realizing its full potential and sovereignty, as well as Mr. Mulroney’s call for an urgent and total re-evaluation of Canada-China relations. Mr. Deegan delves into the Prime Minister’s own domestic and foreign policy achievements and why they make him a bold voice that should be heard in this era of uncertainty.

Please see “Brian Mulroney Is Having a Moment” in Policy Magazine and “Brian Mulroney the Statesman Is Still Going Strong” in the Montreal Gazette.

Post photo credit: Policy Magazine.