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International Response (COVID-19)

Health Canada's International Engagement during COVID-19

  • This publication refers to how Health Canada has worked collaboratively with domestic and international partners to ensure that policies related to COVID-19 align with those around the world and that health products are made to most effectively help Canadians.
  • This page contains details regarding Health Canada's work with international regulators and global health organizations relating to COVID-19.

Canada and the G7 during COVID-19

  • This pronouncement reveals the topics of discussion at the February 2021 G7 virtual meeting and Canada's role in particular.
  • The G7 meeting included Canada's agreement to further financially support the ACT-Accelerator, discussions around sustainable economic recovery, conversations around approaching climate change, and creating opportunities for those who've been unequally impacted by COVID-19.

Parliamentary Diplomacy during COVID-19

  • This report explains how during the COVID-19 pandemic Canadian parliamentarians and legislators around the world have had to adjust their typical avenues of dialogue and diplomacy to adhere to ongoing pandemic restrictions.
  • In particular, many meetings, webinars, and conferences have been conducted virtually and Canada has partnered with the United States and European partners to discuss the pandemic response and lessons.